Port agency services for the 21st century

Wave Shipping offers a full suite of innovative port agency services tailored to the needs of the global shipping industry. Wave Shipping is an inspiring, game-changing business, which is determined to bring disruptive improvements to port agency services and revolutionise the industry.

Together with Seven Seas, Wave Shipping is a one-stop shop for agency, ship supplies and storage.

Why Wave?

  • Competent and motivated workforce.

    The heart and soul of our company are our people. Wave Shipping is a hotbed of insights, knowledge and global experience. Our team is relentless in their pursuit to deliver game-changing port agency services for our customers backed with the highest level of transparency and integrity. Our flat and bureaucracy-free organisation ensures that our team have the authority, ability and deep operational knowledge to fulfil customer's requirements.

  • Client-centric focus with superior service.

    There is a dedicated relationship manager on hand to ensure that we understand the business objectives of our customers. We provide regular summaries of industries, port and terminal activities, and our reports are customise to customer's requirements. Our unique and secure cloud-based digital platform WavePoint gives customers and partners a channel for seamless end-to-end interaction and collaboration with Wave Shipping in real-time.

  • Consolidated offering.

    Part of the world-leading ship supplier and trading house Seven Seas, we offer customers one point of contact, single point of remittance and consolidated billing. The closer and smoother coordination between both companies will minimise delays and maximise cost savings for our customers.

  • Consistent service delivery.

    We are committed to providing consistent service in accordance with a set of uniform Standard Operating Procedures adapted to the local conditions.

  • Full suite of Maritime Services.

    We provide a full suite of maritime services to global shipping and offshore industry, from port agency services, outsourcing solutions and logistics services.

      Services Description
    Port Agency Services Full Port Agency Managing all port and cargo operations as well as service procurement, reporting and accounting on behalf of ship operators and charterers
    Protecting Agency Representing ship owners' and operators' interests in the port operations process when charterers nominated agent has been appointed
    Husbandry Agency Managing all service requirements for ship and crew, as well as bunker calls and canal transits where cargo operations are not in scope
    Cargo Agency Representing the cargo owner's interests in the port either as the nominated agent or as the shippers/receivers agents.
    Outsourcing Solutions Agency Management Managing the appointment and performance of port agents on behalf of ship operators
    Crew Transfer Management Managing the travel and crew transfer from home to ship and vice versa
    Logistics Services Spare-part freight forwarding Arranging air, sea freight, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance for ships spares
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