Seven Seas Duty Free division offers a complete solution to any customer demand: project planning, establishment, concession management and worldwide distribution of top range items.

We have specialized management & staff with the necessary particular "know how" and experience in the management of DUTY FREE shops in Port Free Zones and PX´s in international military bases for peace keeping troops and diplomats.

Why Duty Free / PX Retail?

  • Extensive Worldwide experience for more than 30 years in management of Duty Free shop´s and PX´s.

  • Stock and distribution of wide range of top Duty Free items.

  • PX´s setup in remote locations for military segment.

  • Widespread supply-chain capability and bonded store warehousing within major hubs (Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Houston).

  • Variety of top range brands.
    • Top quality spirits, whiskeys, liqueurs and other highly demanded exclusive items. Whiskey, Spirits, Liquors, Vodka, Cognac, Champagne, Cava, Wine, Beer
    • Cigarettes, cigars and wide range of finest tobacco products
    • Top selection and variety of fragrances
    • Travel accessories such as top brands suitcases, watches, personal care items, jewellery, etc.