Stromme – saves you time

The first dedicated cargo hold cleaning company in the marine industry, Stromme's extensive experience in the field ensures that our customers are getting only the best solutions and most durable innovations that will withstand the roughest conditions at sea. Stromme marine products have a long history of over 30 years and continue to lead the market today.

We are your preferred partner for an easy, flexible, efficient and green cleaning operation.

Together with world-leading ship supplier and trading house, Seven Seas, we offer customers a true one-stop service for all their needs - saving precious time and money.

Why Stromme?

  • Worldwide supply capability.

    Our global network helmed by trained individuals, guarantees that customers receive reliable and quick service anytime anywhere. With over twenty stocking points around the world, we ensure availability of our products and services in all key shipping areas regardless of location.

  • Robust equipment designed for maritime and offshore use.

    The equipment has been designed to withstand the harsh environment faced by all kinds of ships, exploration rigs, fixed or floating production platforms. We can even tailor the design to meet customers' specific needs.

  • Complete cleaning solution.

    We provide all the necessary equipment and chemicals that are powerful and easy to operate so that customers can clean their cargo holds efficiently and quickly. This includes:

    • Multi-purpose high-pressure cleaners, cargo hold cleaning equipment and powerful supplementary air compressors to maximise cleaning efficiency
    • Chemicals that dissolve stains and remove paint discolouring without damaging the paint of the cargo hold
    • Paint protective chemicals to reduce the time required to clean
    • Personal protection equipment for crew members' safety
    • Stromme Maxi- and Combi- Jets provide powerful and effective cleaning performance
    • Stromme Handy Spray and Pump Spray Foam system for safe application of strong chemicals
    • Stromme Aquaclean HD contains specially selected synthetic detergent for effective cargo deposit removal
    • Stromme Holdcoat FC is an innovative protect solution for cargo holds.Stromme Holdcoat FC is FDA approved making it safe for usage while transporting food cargoes.
    • Stromme Mari-Clean professional range of multipurpose high pressure cleaners offers a cost effective and labour efficient solution for various purposes.
    • Stromme Mari-Air a powerful range of compact marine compressors that meets all major classification society requirements

  • Efficient Ordering.

    Customers will benefit from the multitude of products and services offered by Seven Seas. Besides enjoying the cost savings that we receive from our specialised bulk procurement, customers no longer have to work with multiple suppliers for different products and services.

    Seven Seas supply general ship suppliers, provisions, stores and leading technical maritime brands through an extensive network of 600 ports. Consolidating all these orders under one supplier cuts down time and cost.

For more information on Stromme Cleaning Solutions, please contact us today.